Gift Cards & Money Orders

VISA Gift Cards and Money Orders

Sometimes you need something a little more secure than cash that spends like cash. For those occasions, we feature two convenient options.

CICU VISA Gift Cards
The Central Illinois Credit Union VISA gift card may be purchased in amounts of $10.00 to $1000.00 at the credit union with a one-time fee of $2.50. The balance and transaction activity may be tracked by calling the gift card department at 866-833-2370.

It is the perfect gift that can be used at any store that accepts VISA. Plus, this non-reloadable card would be handy to carry during vacations rather than using travelers checks.

The card may be used anywhere VISA is accepted with the following exceptions, which are pre-authorized transactions: reserving hotels, car rental, and pay-at-the-pump for gasoline.

Money Orders or CICU Checks
Money orders or CICU checks are also available for a fee of $2 if you have something that has to be paid with a non-personal check.