Debit Cards

Debit Cards

Convenience, security, and an alternative to credit cards

The CICU debit card adds an exciting new dimension to your credit union checking account by letting you make purchases quickly and easily. It's accepted worldwide at millions of merchants displaying the VISA logo. Simply hand the merchant your cuCheck Card and your purchases are automatically deducted from your checking account. You'll get a receipt for each purchase for accurate record keeping, and each transaction will be detailed on your monthly statement. The cuCheck Card may also be used like an ATM card at any participating network ATM, as well as thousands of other locations around the world.

To report a lost or stolen cuCheck debit Card, call: 800-543-5073

Some debit card safety tips:
    *Be wary of offers to help with your ATM transactions while at a machine.
    *Be suspicious if signage states to use a specific ATM or if the ATM looks unusual.
    *Pay close attention to the ATM and your surroundings—if you feel uncomfortable,
      use another machine.
    *Alert the credit union immediately of any suspicious activity around the machine.
    *Review your monthly statement for fraudulent withdrawals.
    *Beware of someone looking over your shoulder.
    *Always protect your PIN number.
    *Do not re-enter your PIN if the ATM takes your card.
    *Call the credit union right away if your card is held by the machine.
    *Use well-lighted, well-traveled ATM locations.
    *Know where the security cameras are located.
    *Never count your cash until you are in a safe location.

Traveling with Your Debit Card?
Remember if your card does not work, please try the transaction again with your PIN number.
We have added this extra security measure for fraud prevention. If you need your PIN number, please allow two weeks for delivery.

Debit Card Update!
Your debit card can now be used in the manner that you are accustomed to regardless of where life takes you! If you reside in a state other than Illinois or are traveling, please call us to lift these fraud protection measures for your debit card.

Also while you travel, use this resource to find ATM machines without extra fees!