Products & Services

Products and Services

As a member-owned, cooperative, not-for-profit financial institution, we at CICU think a little differently than the other guys down the street. We derive our policies and procedures based on a few simple guidelines:

  • Offer the products and services our members want.
  • Make these products and services as accessible as possible.
  • Offer them with the least amount of fees and interest possible.
  • Keep it simple—no teaser rates that go up later or punitive default rates if you're a couple days late with a payment. We even offer real grace periods—not just the time between billing cycles like the other guys.
  • Try to balance the needs of all members: that is, don't make some members subsidize services for other members. Keep fees and rates in line with costs, and always strive to cut costs.
  • Treat our staff well. If you're already a member, you've probably noticed that you're still seeing the same people in the lobby that you have for years. And because we treat our staff well they...
  • Treat our members very well. After all, we're the owners. And the customers. And the management. Kind of a neat idea, isn't it?
If you're not a member, come by and check us out. Though you may find similar products and services to those we offer at other places, we're confident you won't find them done as well.

Savings Accounts

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Checking Accounts

Share Draft checking accounts and debit cards for every budget!


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